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Crystal Workshop

March 25

You are invited to a day filled with learning about crystals, experiencing their metaphysical properties, and browsing unique pieces available for purchase! Held at The LoveLight Center 2089 Post Rd (Rte. 1), Wells, ME Saturday, March 25th 9:30am-3:00pm 9:30am – 11am: Experiencing and Sharing with Small Crystals Find out how small crystals can be as important as larger crystals. Explore how crystals can potentially work together for a greater combined effect. 11am – 12pm: Crystal Gemstone & Jewelry Auction (15 items) Rockin’ Auction! Auctioning unique and special crystals. Exciting way to acquire unique pieces- take part in the fun! 12pm – 12:30pm: Free Quartz Crystal Sound Healing 12:30pm – 3pm: Herkimer Quartz Workshop Learn about Herkimer crystals and experience their unique energy! Explore these crystals, open to amazing experiences, and share with others! If you bring a crystal of your own, receive insight on your crystal and how it can assist you! $20 for morning workshop, $20 for afternoon workshop Please sign up by emailing info@lovelightilluminations.com or by calling (207) 216-9584

(207) 216-9584

Click for more info: www.lovelightilluminations.com